Ian Cheng

Born 1984, Los Angeles
Lives and works in New York

2009 MFA Visual Arts, Columbia University, New York NY.
2006 BA Cognitive Science, BA Art Practice, UC Berkeley, Berkeley CA.

2014 Ian Cheng, curated by Filipa Ramos, organized by Edoardo Bonaspetti, Triennale di Milano, Milan, Italy.
2013 BABY FEAT. BALI, Standard (Oslo), Oslo, Norway.
2013 Frieze Frame, Formalist Sidewalk Poetry Club, Frieze Art Fair, London.
2013 ENTROPY WRANGLER, Off Vendome, Dusseldorf, Germany.
2013 TOO HUMANS ALL TOO HUMANS, The Vanity, Los Angeles, CA.
2011 This Papaya Tastes Perfect, Formalist Sidewalk Poetry Club, Miami Beach, FL.

2013 The Time Machine, Cura, Rome.
2013 12th Lyon Biennial: Meanwhile...Suddenly and Then, curated by Gunnar Kvaran, Lyon, France.
2013 Love of Technology, Museum of Contemporary Art Miami, curated by Alex Gartenfeld, Miami, FL.
2013 Freak Out, Greene Naftali Gallery, New York.
2013 ProBio, curated by Josh Kline, EXPO 1, MoMA PS1, New York.
2013 HMV, curated by Alexander Shulan, Foxy Production, New York.
2013 EIN HAMMER AUF DEN KOPF KANN DIE SEELE VERLETZEN, Volker Bradtke, Dusseldorf, Germany.
2012 A Disagreeable Object, curated by Ruba Katrib, Sculpture Center, New York, NY.
2012 A Programming Language, organized by Kari Rittenbach, Primary Work Surface, London.
2012 How To Download a Boyfriend, curated by Badlands Unlimited, Apple iTunes.
2012 You Told Me The Other Night, West Street Gallery, New York NY.
2011 December: Organized by Howie Chen, Mitchell-Innes and Nash, New York NY.
2009 Columbia University MFA Thesis Show, Fisher Landau Center for Arts, New York NY.

2013 Future Fictions, Frieze Issue 156
2013 3D Models looking for work, DIS Magazine, with Preston Chaunsumlit
2012 Liars "Brats" music video

2014 International Film Festival Rotterdam, Rotterdam.
2013 Migrating Forms, BAM, New York.
2013 Off The Air, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network.
2013 New Director's Showcase, Cannes Lion.
2012 BUG, British Film Institute, Southbank, London.

2013 DIS IMAGES -- 3D Models, published by DIS
2012 TPTP TONES, custom iPhone ringtone set, published by SIM (Stephan Tanbin Sastrawidjaja, Natasha Isaacs and Petros Moris)
2012 This Papaya Tastes Perfect, limited edition catalog, published by Formalist Sidewalk Poetry Club.
2012 Forest Hills Literary Journal, April edition.
2011 Spring Break, published by Badlands Unlimited.

2013 New Director's Showcase, Cannes Lion
2012 Rema Hort Mann Foundation, Visual Arts Grantee
2008 Ninah and Michael Lynne Fellowship
2006 Eisner Award for Film and Video, Berkeley Pacific Film Archive
2005 Townsend Center Fellowship for Art and Science, UC Berkeley

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2013 Creators Project Interview
2013 Frieze Magazine Interview with Kari Rittenbach
2013 Leap Stephanie Bailey Entropy Wrangler at Off Vendome
2013 GalleristNY Expo1, MoMA PS1
2013 GalleristNY HMV at Foxy Production
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co-director Badlands Unlimited http://badlandsunlimited.com