8min event sculpture, motion capture* performance

the desire to record an undocumented memory --- a drunken street fight at the edge of Wall St --- the forensic team required to do this: witnesses, choreographer, performer, motion capture technicians --- conditions: a performer under the influence of contradictory choreographies, a debased narrative, whiskey, technical bondage --- "to calibrate your body to the computer and the computer to your body, stand crucified and speak in your everyday voice: 'This papaya tastes perfect'" --- results: a reckless physicality --- the production of dirty data --- legible movements punctuated by impossible gestures and gross deformations --- an animated recording as drunk and unprofessional as the memory itself

THIS PAPAYA TASTES PERFECT is the first in a developing series of event sculpture-- a methodology for recording an event in both time and space. Where film captures an angle, and sculpture casts an instance, the event sculpture registers the experiential totality of an event-- with its attandant players, objects, spatial relationships, actions, gestures, entropy, and lapses -- onto a virtual stage. A terrarium for memory. The event sculpture can be 're-filmed', revised, and endlessly reviewed. Above all it can become a compositional material, allowing for the first time the collaging of events. The ability to compose heterogenous time//space recordings together, all forced to occupy a singular compositional field-- this is the aesthetic potential of the event sculpture.

THIS PAPAYA TASTES PERFECT was first presented as a moving image installation at Formalist Sidewalk Poetry Club, Miami Beach, 2011.

* Motion Capture is a recording process that registers the physical movements of the performer absent the image of the performer. The recorded movements are then translated onto a digital body. In Hollywood, motion capture is used to give impossible non-human characters an anthropomorphic spirit.


MEMORY --- Ian Cheng & Christian de Vietri
CHOREOGRAPHY --- Madeline Hollander
MOTION CAPTURE SERVICES --- Steve Day, Motion Capture NYC
THANKS --- Mark Bowman, Paul Chan, Clay Deutsch, Pierre Huyghe, Roy Pak, Erik Wysocan

Ian Cheng Ian Cheng Ian Cheng Ian Cheng Ian Cheng Ian Cheng Ian Cheng Ian Cheng Ian Cheng Ian Cheng

Ian Cheng

Ian Cheng